MGTOW Is NOT a Movement

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MGTOW is NOT a movement @YouTube

Hi everyone. I am Coldryce and there is something I simply have to talk about.

I have seen many videos and read quite a few articles and blog posts calling MGTOW a movement akin to modern feminism.
They claim that we are a bunch of misogynistic asshats who do nothing but bash women and circlejerk about how horrible they are.

This could not be further from the truth.

Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW, is not a movement.
It’s an idea. An idea that was born due to the toxicity of today’s gynocentric world.

Men are blamed for everything.
Innocent men have their lives destroyed by vindictive bitches, because they dared to not bend over backwards for them.
We are being treated as subhuman waste, not fit for life in general population.
Many men have been treated as common criminals simply for daring to say hi to a woman.

MGTOW got its beginning with the few men, who had been used by women, abused by divorce and family courts and then cast aside, owning barely more than the clothes on their backs.
The fact that this idea has been spreading like a wildfire across the entire world, shows how widespread our issues really are.

Despite this, we aren’t organized, and we have no set rules to follow.

MGTOW is a philosophy.
When we declare ourselves MGTOW, it does not mean that we hate women, though many of us do have very valid reasons to do just that.
It means that we are tired of working for the greater good that doesn’t really exist.
That we are sick of giving our everything, only to be taken to the cleaners in the end anyway.
We have realized that the gold digging variety of women can so easily turn our wish to have a family of our own against us, by taking away our rights to see the kids and forcing us to pay child support and vaginamony through the nose.

This is of course done with the help of the current court system that is so unfairly in favor of women, but this is a talk for another time.

Because of all this, we have finally decided to check ourselves out from the previous “norms”.
We no longer seek romantic entanglements.
No relationships means that we no longer need to work ourselves to death, which leaves us with lot more free time for self improvement and doing things that WE enjoy.

You may have come across people that call themselves MGTOW and appear to be raging women haters.
They are men that are quite new to the philosophy of MGTOW and are still experiencing something called the Red Pill rage.
This philosophy does not teach anyone to hate women.
It advises men to focus their time and effort on themselves rather than giving it all away to women that don’t appreciate it.

Many a MGTOW are still holding out hope for a world without modern feminism; a world where men and women can once again co-exist and build families for generations.

All I’m saying is, if you are a woman or currently a blue pill man, try and judge everyone individually and don’t lump us together as parts of some women hating group.


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